Burn Your Denim

April 20th, 2014

Now, you don’t have to literally throw your jeans on a bonfire and celebrate your liberation from a life-long blue-jean funk in their ashes. I simply ask that you do the following:
1.) Comment here with your Twitter or Instagram screen names so I can follow you
2.) Tweet or Instagram your outfit -every day- from tomorrow until 31 days from now.
a.) Twitter instructions: EACH POST MUST BE tagged: .@eggvip @clickdowntown #burnyourdenim (Don’t leave out the period before the first @)
b.) Instagram instructions: EACH POST MUST BE tagged: @honestuniquebeautiful @click_downtown #burnyourdenim (MUST be in the photo’s caption. NOT a comment. If you mess up the caption, please repost the photo with the correct caption.)
3.) At the end of the 31 days, everyone that has completed the challenge correctly will be entered into a drawing for a $50 giftcard to spend at Click Boutique’s online store: Pop into the Shop

OOTD: 2014/02/19

February 19th, 2014

Look at me!
10 Plus-size Fashion Myths debunked!

Think First

September 11th, 2013

I’m not angry when people unintentionally speak harm. I just shrug at it happening, again, for the 100th time in a day and enact my vow to never stay silent when I see it. There are better ways to share your love of humor than to resort to jokes about violence and/or stereotypes. Use your brain to create, not regurgitate. Anything you can vomit out in a split second about a person that isn’t your same gender, race, orientation, or class is probably not going to be okay. Stop & formulate. If you can make me laugh in spite of my better judgement, then you’re at least being funny even if you aren’t being a decent human being. – Robin C.F.

Torrid Tuesdays #3

August 6th, 2013

Though I love to visit Torrid stores & try on all the great clothes, I’m a huge fan of shopping the online exclusives, these days. Their Loungefly Hello Kitty handbags & accessories are absolutely adorable and it’s fun to have such a luxe twist on a cute trend. I feel like HK has really followed me into my adulthood & made it okay for me to keep on showing off my love of her little fuzzy face.

Did you know Torrid had a new denim collection!? As far as I know, they just popped into stores, this weekend! The dark denim in the photoset below is actually their new jegging. I’m a huge fan & so are lots of my local Torrid friends. <3 These pants fit like a dream and I even needed them in a size smaller because they're made to not only hug, but shape curves. They have a three-button, wide waistband and sit beautifully at my natural waist. So, no muffin-top on my torso! A win if I've ever known one. XD

I haven't purchased them, yet. I was an even bigger fan of their new slim bootcut & spent my extra dough on those, Sunday. I’m looking forward to buying the jegging, soon.

Kitty Rock Retro

Kitty Rock Retro by robinchristina featuring black tops

Torrid Tuesdays #2

July 30th, 2013

Feeling a little beachy & don’t wanna take it out on your wallet? Check out these fantastic beach-inspired florals from Torrid.com. Visit the site for a little retail therapy that will make you feel as good as a trip to a fancy resort but without breaking the bank.

Torrid Tuesdays! #2 Staycation Getaway

Torrid Tuesdays! #2 Staycation Getaway by robinchristina featuring a mint green tank

Torrid Tuesdays #1

July 23rd, 2013

Torrid Tuesdays! #1 Ophelia Nine

Torrid Tuesdays! #1 Ophelia Nine by robinchristina featuring a white jacket

Climbing the Walls You Run Into

July 3rd, 2013

Awkward. Uncomfortable. Sad. Angry. Disgusted. Nervous. Scared.

I consider those feelings walls.

They stand between a person and their goals. Be it advancing in a career, starting a new hobby, or talking to a crush, figuring out how to conquer these walls is always a challenge. Even if you have a little angel on your shoulder saying, “This is silly. Let’s continue!” that forked-tail jerk is still on the other side telling you to pack it up and head back home.

All too often, we’re tempted to listen to the guy with the forked-tail. After all, those people out there with good relationships, good careers, and fun lives? Pfft. They’re -perfect- and never experience doubt. Wrong, lovelies.

I’m the encouraging sort. If you tell me about a goal of yours, I’m going to be your cheerleader from start to finish! However, most of my ra ra ras are met with no no nos. I know we’re taught to feel like we aren’t good enough (If you don’t buy this toothpaste, shaving cream, body spray, cat litter, etc. you suck!) or that our lives aren’t good enough, but meeting a “Yes, you can!” with a “No, I can’t!” is a way to make absolute sure you never meet your goals.

The people I encourage ask how -I- manage to get things done. It’s simple, but I’ll never claim it’s easy.

The first step is to admit that these are real and that they’re sitting between where you are and where you want to be:
Awkward. Uncomfortable. Sad. Angry. Disgusted. Nervous. Scared.

As social as I am, I often have fantasies about people noticing some good quality about me without me having to stick my neck out and risk that they’ll think I’m not interesting. Even this blog kind of came from there. If someone finds me online, reads about… well… anything, THEN they choose to talk to me, *phew*!!! That must mean they don’t find me to be completely boring!

Even before I started dating the guy I’m with, now, I’d fantasize about being stuck in a broken elevator with a crush. One of us would eventually start talking because we couldn’t do anything else. I didn’t have to ask them on a date to get there. I didn’t have to express interest to get there. In the elevator I find out if they’re actually fun to be around and they find out I’m a pretty neato dame… and I never have to go through the awkward “Thanks but no thanks” after a first date with a near-stranger.

Those fears of rejection are very real for me. They pop into my head -every- single time I try to meet someone. I meet new people -daily- and I still have to go over the wall of “I FEEL AWKWARD AND DON’T WANT THEM TO KNOW.” every single time I talk to someone new.

The solution? Truly?

Do it, anyway.

I know this seems like a mantra of mine, but that’s probably because it is. I named 2013 my year for fearlessness simply because I always have fear poking at every decision I try to make. It’s not because I’m an excessively paranoid person. It’s because that’s what people DO!

We worry. We shiver. We fret.

THEN, we come to the point where we decide to move forward or stand still.

The easiest way for me to “conquer” my fear is to stop fighting it. I talk to people I’m terrified to speak to, shaking the whole time! Embrace that you’re scared… and when it’s all over, you’ll be alive. Cling to life as your floatation device and dive headfirst into situations that make you uncomfortable.

Those successful people we all want to be like?

Not superhuman. They simply understand that discomfort is no reason to quit.

Do you believe there are times where that fear is necessary or even helpful?

Throwing Shade Left to Right.

July 2nd, 2013

“Well I’m gonna keep leading like a young Harriet Tubman

You can take my wings but I’m still goin’ fly

And even when you edit me the booty don’t lie” – Janelle Monae

Have you MET Gatsby?

May 11th, 2013

Please excuse my title pun and excuse the fact that you came all the way here just to be escorted out, again. As I was winding down the week, I realized that this has just been a super fun week for fashion!!! There are a few places you should virtually visit before dashing out for an afternoon of shopping & a night on the town.

Coco & Tea’s post about Gatsby Fashion || With a little gushing over the book, excitement for the film, and FABULOUSLY LUSH recs for Gatsby-glam wardrobe additions.

Rose & Pine’s choices for top PUNK ensembles at the MET Gala || While I agree that Carry Bradshaw pretty much grabbed the theme by the mohawk and made it cry for it’s mommy (in a good way!) most of the other outfits they feature are a total yawn. I DO RECOGNIZE that without the theme of “Punk Fashion” those really are the most fashion-forward and on-trend looks. So, look here to figure out how the MET Gala can prepare you for a night at the opera.

If you’re wondering what a MET Gala is, The Occasional Fashionista has your back || Clear, concise, and cutting. I agree with her on not really “feeling” Beyonce’s mangled rug + cheap, grommeted belt look. After the initial “WOW BEYONCE HI YOU’RE BEYONCE.” wore off, I realized the woman looked like me at age 16 trying to figure out how to make “Hot Topic” and “Prom” fit into the same sentence. I love Mama B more than anybody, but even this Beyonce stan had to shake her head a bit.

Gatsby-bedecked mannequins in Soho || My love of coca-cola bottle, hourglass figures keeps me from truly loving 20s fashion (even with all the glitter, I’m just not feeling it) but this display in Prada’s store kind of make me want to jump into a sequined sheath and shimmy my hips until the seams rip.

Have you seen or written any other cool entries, this week? Give me a link in the comments!

Festival Fatshionista

May 10th, 2013

Festival Fatshionista

Polyvore is an old friend but a new addiction. I can’t stop bookmarking items to use on sets! This particular set is what’s started me down this time-eating road. After seeing so many girls in short shorts & skater skirts during Jazz Fest, I couldn’t resist the lure of bold prints and warm weather wear. I’m sure most fashion-forward festival goers are loving this long-lived string jewelry trend! Oh, but I’ve got to rock my rocks, even on a flower-child day.

All items are currently available for purchase! I try not to show you things you can’t snatch up, immediately!

What music festivals are you heading to, this Summer?
What’s your Polyvore username? Let’s be friends!

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